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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

My name is Adam Murphy and I specialise in search engine optimitisation for local businesses, getting your website onto Google's front page is my priority as more than 85% of people use Google as there preferred search engine, getting onto the front page of Google can make or break a small business.

Making your website work as a marketing tool

Using your website for marketing your business in today's age is essential for keeping your business competitive. We all remember when the Yellow pages was king. Gone are the days that an entry in the yellow pages got you all the customers you ever needed. With the growing technology, people are demanding to know more about you before they make the call, and your website is where they get that information. It is vitally important to local businesses to be found on the search engines, and you must be on the first page for that to happen.

Why Google doesn't work

Google is the search engine of choice for 85% of the population. Everyone knows what Google is and what it should do. When we first set up our website we expect that just by having a website, people searching for our services, will find them on Google. That is what Google is meant to do isn't it? Then why doesn't it work? Google doesn't work because so many sites contain the same search terms, the way the site is set up confuses Google and the Internet is so chock a block full of rubbish that Google can't tell what is the most relevant information without some help from you.

Isn't it easier to just pay for Adwords on the sponsored listings?

Google Adwords seems like an easier way to get to the front page of Google, however it is even more competitive than natural searches, and people are much more inclined to click on the natural searches than the payed searches. The amount of effort required to keep your paid searches on the front page is actually similar to the amount of effort required to get your site naturally onto the front page. And once your site is optimised you don't need to pay for clicks any longer.

Is it worth the effort?

The Internet was supposed to make things simpler, why is it so difficult? Yes, the Internet makes things much more difficult in some ways, however the Internet does make things a lot simpler in other ways, for example; it qualifies your customers for you, by giving your customers all the information they require they don't need to call you with some simple question, 90% of your calls become bookings, and your time is free to do the things that pay you.

How hard is it to get listed on Google?

It does take time and effort to get you to the front page of Google, but it is not difficult for those of us that know how it all works. Within 3 - 4 months you will be seeing a marked increase in the amount of enquiries you are getting and within 12 months you should be up around number 1.

Is it all just guess work and trial and error?

No, it is mostly all a matter of following the principles and making sure everything is done right, there is no need to be smart or to try to fool the system, most people are not doing the basics right anyway, so it is easy to go straight onto the front page.
One site I optimised is , and even though it seemed impossible to knock Chris Rewell of the top spot she seemed to be so entrenched in. Less than a year later is now outranking all her competitors, on 22 major search terms.  You can check for yourself, go to Google and search for these terms.

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Fashion Consultant Sydney 1 web
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Why not do this myself?

If you put enough research and effort in you are certainly going to get results. However it will take you longer, probably an extra 6 months on what it will take me, which could be thousands of dollars in lost business, but what you won't have is my ultimate booster, which works like this. One of the major parts to search engine optimisation everyone will tell you is getting links pointing to your site, each link ads to your ranking. However what a lot of people don't know is there is a right way and a wrong way to link a site to help your rankings. If your site is linked like this it will have far less effect than if it is linked with the key words like this SEO Company Brisbane. Quite often people will link sites by saying click here, which would only be good if one of your search terms was "here". Also if your link is on a page with dozens of other links it becomes less relevant.
So why wait, it is only costing you business, give me a call today and I can get started optimising your site.
Call Adam on 0416014907.  
The price is $1000 to optimise your site for you. There is also an optional ongoing service which costs $100 a month for 12 months. However I don't recommend this as I will coach you in all that you would need to do in an ongoing basis.


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